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Old 06-05-2018, 12:30 PM
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Default Mail merge choosing which location

My spreadsheet columns contain contact info for various companies, and then a column each for several of our locations. So, Mr. Smith, ABC Co, 123 Street, Jonestown, CA 90210, and then HQ, Shipping, Receiving, etc. We currently have Xs in the rows noting that ABC Co relates to HQ and Receiving, while XYZ Co relates to Shipping and Software. In the mail merge Word document is there a way to (1) get it to show the location is HQ when there is just an X in the cell, and (2) do a document for ABC Co for both HQ and a separate one for Receiving?
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Old 06-05-2018, 05:59 PM
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That's easily done via two simple IF tests. For example:
{IF{MERGEFIELD FieldName}= "X" "conditional output for X"}{IF{MERGEFIELD FieldName}= "XYZ" "conditional output for XYZ"}
{IF«FieldName»= "X" "conditional output for X"}{IF«FieldName»= "XYZ" "conditional output for XYZ"}
where 'FieldName' is the name of the field containing the X & XYZ strings. If the conditional output is to start a new page, simply insert a manual page break as the first character of the conditional output.

Note: The field brace pairs (i.e. '{ }') for the above example are all created in the document itself, via Ctrl-F9 (Cmd-F9 on a Mac); you can't simply type them or copy & paste them from this message. Nor is it practical to add them via any of the standard Word dialogues. Likewise, the chevrons (i.e. '« »') are part of the actual mergefields - which you can insert from the 'Insert Merge Field' dropdown (i.e. you can't type or copy & paste them from this message, either). The spaces represented in the field constructions are all required.
Paul Edstein
[MS MVP - Word]
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