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Default How to replace e-mail address with "Dispaly as:" name of the Outlook Contact.

At the end of the merge process, since the merge message is to be sent by Outlook, I click the Finish & Merge and then click Send E-mail Messages.

In the "To box" I select the name of the field that stores the recipients' e-mail address and then in the "Subject line box", I just type the subject of the message.
The trouble I have is that in the final e-mail that is sent, it is the e-mail address including the "@" that shows up in the "To box" instead of the "Display as :" name I would usually see in my Outlook Contact which incidentally, I used to populate the recipient list.
Does anyone know how to get the "Display as:" Outlook Contact name to show up in the "To box" of the merge e-mail?
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Default How to replace e-mail address with "Dispaly as:" name of the Outlook Contact -SOLVED

I finally discovered the way to have the "Display as" in the "To box" instead of the full e-mail address that is forced with Word.

Instead of creating the merge mail e-mail directly from the Word document as most of the tutorial and reference suggest, I looked into doing it directly from Outlook but by using my original Word document that I had saved initially for the merge.

The step by step process of using Outlook is explained in this link (

Just a comment regarding what I did versus what step 7, 8, etc. of the link suggest.
This is what is proposed in step 7 of the link I attached earlier: " A new document will open. If you are using Word 2007 or later, then it will automatically ......".

In my case, in step 7, since I had already an existing Word document I wanted to use, on the "Mail Merge Contacts" window that opened, I clicked on the "Existing document :" button.

Using the Browse option I found my original Word document that I had saved with all of the associated fields that is included when using Word Mail Merge.

Just before the original merge mail document can open, the "Select Contacts" window that was generated by Word initially opens so I could confirm if I wanted to use the original recipient list selected in Word. I click "Cancel" since I did not want to use the Word Recipient list.

Coming back to Outlook "Merge Mail Contact" window I choose the Document type : "From Letters", the Merge to : E-mail, filled in the Message subject line and pressed OK.

I came back to the Word document, and after viewing Preview Results under the Mailing tab in the document to confirm the populated fields where OK, I selected Finish and Merge and it's at this point, in the Merge to E-mail window (see window in step 12) that it is possible to select the "E-mail Display as" option in the To section available when using Mail Merge directly from Outlook in the To box.

Comment: the Merge Mail option is only visible in Tools if you are in the Contact section.

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