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Old 08-10-2017, 12:47 PM
bconner bconner is offline Windows 10 Office 2010 32bit
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Default Open Excel from MS Access and Password Protect Workbook

I am trying to open a excel file password protect it then email out as attachment.
Everything works fine except I can't password protect the workbook. Below is my code.

Private Sub cmdRun_Click()
Dim strSQL As String
Dim strReportLocation As String
Dim qd As QueryDef
Dim db As Database
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim appOutLook As Outlook.Application
Dim MailOutLook As Outlook.MailItem
Dim xl As New Excel.Application
Dim wkbook As Workbook
Dim fileToOpen As String
On Error GoTo err_handler
User = CreateObject("wscript.Network").UserName
DoCmd.SetWarnings False
'Open the Email Distribution List
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("SELECT TAXID, EMAIL FROM LIST")
'Loop through distribution list and send member detail to excel file
If Not (rs.EOF And rs.BOF) Then
Do Until rs.EOF
     On Error Resume Next
     strSQL = "SELECT [MEMBER], [PAID], [email] FROM Rpt WHERE [TAXID] = " & rs![TAXID]
          Set qd = CurrentDb.CreateQueryDef("Email_Provider_Incentive", strSQL)
          strReportLocation = "C:\Users\" & User & "\Desktop\Provider_Incentive" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xls"
          DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acExport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel9, "Email_Provider_Incentive", strReportLocation, True
          CurrentDb.QueryDefs.Delete "Email_Provider_Incentive"
          xl.DisplayAlerts = False
          Set wkbook = xl.Workbooks.Open(strReportLocation)
          fileToSaveAs = "Provider_Incentive" & Format(Date, "mmddyy") & ".xls"
          ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs FileName:=fileToSaveAs, Password:="ANTHEM"
          xl.DisplayAlerts = True
    'Send email with attached excel workbook created above
        Set appOutLook = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")
        Set MailOutLook = appOutLook.CreateItem(olMailItem)
        With MailOutLook
            .BodyFormat = olFormatRichText
            .To = rs![email]
            .Subject = "[SECURE] Provider Incentive Auto email TEST"
            .HTMLBody = "This is a TEST of the Provider Incentive Auto Email"
            .Attachments.Add (strReportLocation)
        End With
 'Move to the next TAXID
  MsgBox "There are no Records to process"
End If
rs.Close 'Close the recordset
Set rs = Nothing 'Clean up
Set xl = Nothing
Set wkbook = Nothing
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
MsgBox "The Automated Provider Email process has completed."
Exit Sub
rs.Close 'Close the recordset
Set rs = Nothing 'Clean up
Set xl = Nothing
Set wkbook = Nothing
DoCmd.SetWarnings True
MsgBox Err.Number & Err.Description
End Sub

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Old 08-20-2017, 05:27 PM
charlesdh charlesdh is offline Windows 7 32bit Office 2010 32bit
Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: Mississippi
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A bit of code you may try. Not tested.

With ActiveWorkbook
.SaveAs FileFormat:=xlNormal, Password:="YourPassword", WriteResPassword:="", _
ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, CreateBackup:=False
End With
Thanks, Charles
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Old 09-21-2017, 02:32 AM
Debaser Debaser is offline Windows 7 64bit Office 2010 32bit
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You should be using your wkbook variable and not ActiveWorkbook, and you should specify the file format as well:

          wkbook.SaveAs FileName:=fileToSaveAs, FileFormat:=56, Password:="ANTHEM"
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